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Edisto Island Serpentarium - Charleston South Carolina


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Thirty minutes south of Charleston on highway 174 near Edisto Beach, the Edisto Island Serpentarium is an incredible must-see during the late summer, as this complex has hundreds of species literally hanging from the trees. Ingeniously-designed indoor and outdoor habitats give visitors a dramatically close look at the world of the serpent, as 360-degree viewing is unencumbered by bars, glass, or wire. Graceful coach-whips glide speed across surfaces; thick diamondbacks rattle their tails in warning; colorful king and corn snakes show off their distinctive skin patterns, while exotic cobras an pythons impress with their long, massive bodies.  Daily demonstrations include feedings at the alligator habitat, where 13 and 14-foot gators show their speed, ferocity and enormous bite. Snake-handling exhibits are featured as well by the experienced staffers, who also milk various poisonous snakes for anti-venom and medical research. For information, contact The Edisto Island park at www.edistoserpentarium.com  

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